Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No card today

Hello everybody!
Today i dont have any new card (well I made one but cant post it yet lol)... but here is a photo of my hallway at 3PM
I love how clean and organized it is (well relatively) This is around the time I have to go and pick up my 3 oldest from school.
Here is "the same" hallway at 8PM
This is when they all come back after all the activities that they are in.
But really who could be mad or tired of cleaning when this is THEM! LOL

Sorry that there is no card, this was just my silly post for you all LOL


  1. Your hallway is beautiful, Martina! I recognize those bags... do you have swimmers?

  2. LOL Christine yes! 4 oldest ones swim, I believe your kids or daughter is a swimmer too, right? She made provincial, like my daughter did, but we didnt go since it was in Fort McMurray.

  3. 5 kids? Holy jeez, you have your hands full. =D That sounds amazing. Love your hallway...isn't it funny how quickly a nice, neat space can fill with mess and clutter. LOL

    Congrats on the new DT spot! I really look forward to working with you and getting to know you. =D

    xx Star

  4. Congratulations on you being included also as a DT of Digi Doodle Shop's Best Challenges. I hope to get to know you better as we will be creating some magic together :)
    And in such moments when my girls make me loose my mind, I think of moms like you, who can take care of double the count of wonderful children :) and that gives me some sort of strength to go on and love my girls even more

  5. What sweet pictures!!!

    Welcome to the DDS Team. So glad to have you hun.