Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year at Digi Doodle Shop!

Digi Doodle Shop is now offering rewards points

What are reward points?
Reward points are given to each stamp at Digi Doodle Shop (except for gift certificates and 99 cent stamps), and each product has it's own point value.

How Can I use my reward points?
Reward points are basically same as cash - only better, because at Digi Doodle Shop, each point is worth 10 cents. For example: if you have 3 points that is equal to 30 cents, and because you get 3 points for every stamp purchased, your points can add up quick!

Can I save my reward points?
Yes, points can be saved and used as you choose. You can save all accumulated points to use on one future order or you can use some points now and some later.

When are new points added to my customer account?
New points are added to customer accounts as orders are processed. Please be patient with us, as we will manually need to add points to your account. We will move pending points to accounts on a daily basis. You may not see your points immediately, but we will add them as soon as possible.

How often will I receive reward points?
New points are added each time you place a new order. You will accumulate the number of points for the items you purchased.

What products receive reward points?
All products available at Digi Doodle Shop reward point values, except for gift certificates, and 99 cent stamps. Gift certificate purchases do not accumulate points. However orders placed using gift certificate balances will accumulate new points.

How do I redeem my reward points?
During the check out process you can enter the points you would like to apply to your order before confirming your order. Please note that once you confirm your order any rewards points entered for redemption will be deleted from your account. Also please note that if you forget to use your points when checking out, you will need to save them for the next order you place. We cannot edit orders to change or add reward points. Thank you for your understanding.

and also new are 99c digi deals!

We are also delighted to announce our newest category, but don't wait too long. These 99¢ stamps will only be here a short while.

On March 1st, 2012 these stamps will be forever removed, so grab them deals while they last.

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