Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My first tutorial

Hello friends! Today I would like to show you how you can make necklaces or embellishments from your favourite stamps using shrink plastic!
Supplies needed:
Shrink plastic
Your favourite stamp
Copic markers (I think colour pencils work as well, my kids used them on their matte shrink plastic, I used the shiny clear shrink plastic so I would say only markers would work on that)
Hole punch (if you are making necklace out of them)
String, beads (if you are making necklace)

1. I stamped my images on the sheet of shrink plastic, I had few sheets sitting around without instructions so I was pretty much guessing as I went. I used Palette ink, it's a hybrid ink pad, it said it was OK to stamp on glass or shiny surfaces as long as it was heatset afterwards. I think if you use staz-on ink pad you dont need to heat set.
2. Here are my stamped images on the shrink plastic. After I stamped the images I cut them out fairly close to the image, but it's not really necessary because when it shrinks that space around the image shrinks as well.
3. I coloured my images with copics. I coloured on the other side of the stamped image because I chose not to heat set my ink, since this will be baked in the oven. I punched the hole at the top of the image (I made these necklaces for my daughter's birthday party).
4. I lined my cookie sheet with aluminum foil (just to be safe and not wreck my cookie sheet) and placed the shrink plastic images on the cookie sheet. I heated the oven to 300F. and baked the images for 2 minutes.
5. This is what the image looked like when it was baked.
6. Little comparison of images before I baked it and after it was baked.
7. I added 2 jump rings to the hole in the finished piece with pliers. I placed the finished piece on a string (it's leather cord) and added few caps and beads and knotted the cord.
8. Here are more images I made into necklaces for the party.
9. Images after baking.
10. Finished necklaces.

Well that's it!!! This was very easy and very addictive! You dont have to use them for necklaces, if you dont punch the hole you can use them as little embellishments on your cards or projects.
I tried to use heat gun on some of them, but it's not for me! LOL. it's hard and scary when it starts shrinking, and I burned some. So baking was the way to go for me!

Hope you enjoyed it and have fun if you choose to try this!


  1. Ooo Martina this is absolutely gorgeous! What a great idea! I´m sure your daughter and her friends will love them!!!

  2. What a great idea and perfect for so many occasions!
    You have explained your tutorial so simply that everyone, anyone could follow it, even me.

    hugs Regina

  3. Looks like a lot of fun. I need to pick up some shrink art stuff. It looks like real fun!

    Hugs, Linda

  4. So cute! I bet the girls liked the necklaces a lot.